Our Home Church- Skyline

We are members of the Skyline Independent Baptist church located in Fancy Gap, Va.  Our pastor is Bro. Garry Allen.  We have always had the blessing of a loving, well established church family who have encouraged us all along the way.  We could not make it without the prayers of our home church.  It has often been said (as a joke of course) that you have to be able to play an instrument before you can join Skyline.  That is because God has blessed our little country church with, what is in our opinion, some of the best talent to be had.  We all got our start singing and playing in our little country church where the people patiently listened as we would do our best to sing the songs of Zion.  They would wait patiently and lovingly for us to find the right notes and learn the right keystrokes. Now, they even request a song every now and then which is a great encouragement as well.  The Skyline Independent Baptist Church was established in October, 1963.  The church had it’s start in a one-room school house on the side of the road with a monthly lease of $5.00. It began with a burden God gave to a country mountain preacher named Earvin Gallimore.  He started with his family which consisted of his mom and dad along with brothers and sisters.  God began to add to the church with the first revival packing the house in addition to the old school bus, “old Job” parked outside the windows so everyone on board could listen through the windows to the preaching of God’s word.

We have always been a King James bible believing church standing on the truths of God’s Holy word.  It has often been said by those traveling through the area, “Everyone should go to  Skyline at least once in their life.”  We say “Amen!”  Skyline has always upheld and exalted our Savior, Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God without apology or waiver.  Our Uncle Earvin Gallimore, before he went home to heaven, preached for 39 years when times were good and when times were bad.  He was a true Man of God whom God used greatly to win many souls to Christ during his ministry here on earth.  Now we have another Man of God, Bro. Garry Allen who loves his flock and cares for the sheep as a shepherd with a burden. Bro. Garry assisted Bro. Earvin for 23 years before stepping in after Bro. Earvin’s graduation day and has served as our Pastor since 2002.

We love our home church and count ourselves blessed to have been a part of such a great work.  We praise the Lord for our church because it’s where we were all saved.  It’s also where we’ve heard the word of God to change our lives.  We thank God for our church family and all of the many, many prayers and encouragement we have received through the years.

Skyline Independent Baptist Church
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